No investment is without risk. However we feel strongly that our disciplined approach and decades of experience provides our investors with a low risk option for investing in real estate that will provide them with a solid long term investment. In fact, we feel so strongly about it that anytime you buy a property from us and allow Blue Frog Property Management to manage it after the purchase we provide you with several guarantees:

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Buyback Guarantee

At any point in the first 3 months of owning the property if you decide it’s not for you we will purchase the property back from you for the same price you paid. We know that the properties we offer for sale should provide solid investments and so we are willing to stand behind them. The only caveat is that the property must be returned to us in similar condition that it was purchased in.

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Rent Collection Guarantee

During the first 3 months of your ownership of the property we will guarantee the rent collection. Our turnkey properties are desirable properties for residents and we know that we have best in class resident screening standards. Since we believe in our processes of finding and placing the best tenants, we will stand behind the rent on your property for the first 3 months of your ownership. We currently can only offer the rent collection guarantee on single family and duplexes, it does not apply to apartment buildings.

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Home Warranty

When you're dealing with rental properties no matter how many items are renovated you can have minor items come up throughout a tenants residency. We offer a 90 day warranty on items within the four walls of the home. Typically any of the items that were specifically upgraded through our renovation will also come with a manufacturer’s warranty and the workmanship is covered by our vendors for a period of 1 year.