Our Process

We specifically target purchasing properties in markets that we understand and that we have a long history of experience with. We find under-valued rental properties that we are able to renovate and rent to qualified residents. After this we present these properties to our investors to acquire in a hassle-free manner.


We analyze hundreds of properties to find deals that pass our disciplined buying criteria. We acquire properties that are either mismanaged, undercapitalized, or portfolio deal properties. We run all of our financial analysis to include leaving cash flow and equity on the table for our investors on every deal. We will not put our name on a property that we don’t believe provides our investors with a solid return.


We have a full-service maintenance team that allows us to rehab all aspects of a property. We make the right improvements to provide long term return on investment. We will replace cap ex that is on the back end of its useful life. Our rehab’s are designed to help reduce vacancy and operating costs over the long term.

Tenant Placement

We utilize the best in class marketing and screening processes to rent places quickly and to the right people. Our goal is to have good tenants in place prior to turning over a property to an investor.

Property Management

Our sister company offers best in class property management to help ensure your investment is hands off throughout your time with us. We will manage everything from advertising vacancies, showing units to prospective tenants, leasing, rent collection, maintenance etc. You can find out more about our property management services at Blue Frog Property Management.

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  • What is a turnkey property?

    A turnkey property is a property that an investor can purchase that already has had all deferred maintenance completed, is already rented, and is professionally managed. It makes it fairly simple for you to purchase a rental property for your portfolio without all the normal rental property headaches.
  • Am I able to buy turnkey properties for below market value?

    One of our primary goals is to leave equity in the deal for an investor who purchases one of our turnkey properties. We do this by finding the right deals on the front end and using our in house maintenance to keep the cost of renovations fair. The turnkey business model is great for investors who want to get a good return on investment without all of the stress of finding a property, dealing with financing, coordinating subcontractors, showing and renting a property, etc. etc.

    However, the turnkey model also means that we place a premium on ensuring that all deferred maintenance is taken care of before we complete a property. Having this maintenance completed helps ensure that your cash flow will not get eaten up by items that have been neglected. To provide a high quality product that maximizes long term cash flow we won’t cut corners.

    So with all that being said it is a priority for us to leave equity in every deal for investors but it isn’t practical to buy a turnkey property at a foreclosure type discount.

  • Do you own investment homes?

    Absolutely. When you are working with a company in any field we think it’s wise to ensure that they practice what they preach. We have been investing in these same markets for decades. Real estate is our passion. We firmly believe that investment real estate is the best process for financial independence. The goal for our investment properties is the same as any homes through our turnkey model, long term ownership with positive cash flow having the units self sustain and eventually be paid off.
  • Who is a good fit for a turnkey rental?

    If you want to purchase a rental property with reduced risk, reduced work, and reduced headaches then purchasing a turnkey property is probably a good fit for you. Real estate is a great investment but ask anyone who has been in it for a long time and undoubtedly they can tell you some horror stories. Our model ensures that your investment in real estate is passive. We will keep a watchful eye on your property without you having to worry or deal with the day to day headaches of owning a rental property.

  • Who is not a good fit for a turnkey rental?

    If you would rather take on the risk and work related to finding and managing a property it is possible that you can find better return on investments than by using a turn key model. Turnkey models are meant to help reduce the risk of investing in real estate. In any investment the higher the risk, the higher the potential return. Just be careful because the wrong investment in real estate could set your investing career back years, or worse.

    Also if you like to be intimately involved in the day to day operational details of your property and residents, a turnkey rental and property management are probably not a good fit for you. A turnkey property is more for investors that truly want to be passive. But just to be clear, being passive in our world doesn’t mean that you're completely unaware of what’s going on at your property. We provide real time reporting data at your fingertips that details everything happening at your property.